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Isabel Gregoire
Missionary with InSlovakia Studying Missions at Covenant College
I'm Isabel — Missionary studying at Covenant College serving with InSlovakia.org.

Before I began studying Bible and Theology (Missions) at Covenant College, I was already active in ministry. I have directed several English camps, led girls' discipleship groups, and been active in youth group leadership at local and national denominational levels.

What is InSlovakia & My Role

Growing up InSlovakia, both the people and the country have had a big impact on me. God has given me so much love for this place and the relationships that I've built that have turned into deep friendships. Even as I am away at school studying how to do missions better, I continue to be involved in ministry and relationships InSlovakia.
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Follow me on my journey studying Missions as I make my way back to Slovakia to serve Jesus, more fully equipped to share His great story with the people InSlovakia

Slovakia, all the places where my heart is
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Beyond Ministry
When I need a break, I'll grab some friends and head to the woods or the lake. I always have my hammock, a frisbee, and music with me, and most of the time I'm barefoot!

This is a missional lifestyle...
Sometimes community is laying on a road in the forest looking at the stars.