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Dan and Rebecca Gregoire
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New believers see and learn how to open their home like a church. Older believers are learning new ways to engage their neighbors with the gospel. How are we doing this? Since 2007, we have opened our home to model Christian living through hospitality and living in community with other believers. Most new believers in Slovakia didn't grow up in a Christian home. In our home, a young woman saw what love looks like for the first time in her life. Love was a compelling gospel message, and she is now a believer and member of a church. Dominik grew up in a Slovak orphanage; in our home, he experienced family worship and is now in full-time ministry. We have seen God change many lives. And we see God growing a desire in his people to share their faith and plant new churches.

What do missionaries actually do?

"Radically ordinary hospitality shows this skeptical, post-Christian world what authentic Christianity looks like."-Rosaria Butterfield
Many of us have no idea how to use our home as a base of ministry Monday - Saturday. It may be true of you, and it is undoubtedly true in Slovakia. So much of what we do as missionaries revolves around our home. Our home is our principal place of ministry. It starts with studying God's word and serving one another in our family and grows outward from there. Our home is a place of hospitality. Weekly discipleship meetings, youth meetings, and our missional community group take place in our home. Children and teens from the neighborhood come by to play basketball or for movie nights. Neighbors are invited in for coffee and to hear the gospel. And many conversations take place out front on the sidewalk or in our yard. Our home life is intentionally missional, where we live centered on sharing the gospel.
Beyond Ministry
When it is time to relax, we enjoy hikes in the forest, camping, movies outside, and spending time with friends. We also like to cook, grill, and BBQ.

For several years now, Dan has raised animals on his small rented farm. This year, Dan raised chickens for meat and eggs. And he is raising our Thanksgiving turkeys and a Christmas goose.

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We are committed to spending a generation living in Slovakia and sharing the gospel. You can impact the lives of Slovaks and the church with the gospel. Your support helps future generations experience the freedom of Christ's love today.