Dan and Rebecca Gregoire
Ukraine Crisis
We are actively working to help welcome refugees, provide them with necessities, and show them the love of Christ.
Funds are needed for supplies and providing aid.
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Dan and Rebecca Gregoire

Missionaries with Mission to the worlD

Grow a church planting movement and equip the church to engage their culture in Slovakia.

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Why church planting and cultural engagement in Slovakia?

In Slovakia you will find city after city where there are no Christian churches. That's like a meager 20 churches trying to reach the entire state of Tennessee. Now imagine living in one of those cities. You have no place to gather and worship with other believers in your entire city. The need is clear: more gospel-proclaiming churches equipped to engage the cities they're in.

The Crisis of the Church in Slovakia

With few gospel-preaching churches and a history of Communism, Slovaks have little chance to hear of the hope, grace, and freedom Jesus has for them. While there are many church buildings in this highly religious culture the evangelical churches that do exist struggle to survive. Most are ill-equipped to engage their cities with the gospel.

We teach church leaders and their young churches to share Jesus with their friends, neighbors, and co-workers in daily intentional evangelism. Unless more churches are planted, revitalized and equipped to share Jesus with the cities they're in, the church will continue to struggle. Without a growing vibrant church, Slovaks will miss out on the life, love, forgiveness, and kingdom of Jesus.

Partner with us to plant 10 strategic churches in the next 10 years in Slovakia.

How To Support Us

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Meet for 30 Minutes
Meetings are 30-minutes (face-to-face, video, or phone). You will get a clear picture of our mission and how we share the gospel. And how you can help reach our goal of planting 10 churches in 10 years.
Start Your Support
Join our support team and start changing lives in Slovakia.

Discover the impact you can make. Help grow churches that share Jesus with their friends and neighbors in Slovakia. See how this happens through: the church, with youth, and among the Roma in Slovakia.
Evangelism and Church Planting in Slovakia.
What Partners & Supporters are Saying
Dominik Svitel
I grew up in an orphanage in Slovakia. The Gregoires brought me into their home on a regular basis. They modeled a Christian home and demonstrated how a life of ministry can be lived. Now I am in full-time Christian ministry.
Dwayne and Lauren Mitchell
Advisory Team members and supporters
We are thrilled to be supporters of the Gregoires. Additionally, we also serve on their Advisory Team to support their vision and to ensure they are fully funded.
Martin Kačur
Slovak Pastor and ministry partner
After years of decline.we invited the Gregoires to join with us to revitalize our church We didn't know how to engage our city with the Gospel. The Gregoires model for us how to reach our neighbors and our city. The Gregoires are helping us fulfill our calling to be: God's family on mission together.
Join our support team and help us equip the church in Slovakia to reach their friends and neighbors with the gospel today.
Ministry Partners
Lots of great churches and ministries are supporting our vision to plant churches in Slovakia.

Partner with Us to Plant Churches in Slovakia

We are committed to spending a generation living in Slovakia and sharing the gospel. You can impact the lives of Slovaks and the church with the gospel. Your support helps future generations experience the freedom of Christ's love today.
Your partnership has already helped plant three churches in Slovakia.

Join us in planting 10 more. Change the lives of real people in the churchless cities of Slovakia.
-Dan Gregoire