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Is there a difference between missionary kids and kid missionaries?

We know there is. Our kids are on a mission to see their friends know Jesus.

But they live in a digital world so they are being creative and intentional in their mission.

I’m just beginning to understand how connected our kids’ lives are online. Their connection to friends from school and other places we’ve lived are a tangled web through social media. Friends from different spheres even different cities know each other through social media interactions or online gaming. As a result, kids who have never been to our church, youth group, or church camp, felt comfortable accepting an invitation to a party.

Especially since they already knew everyone who would be there.

This weekend 3 of our teens and their Christian friends planned an overnight grill out swim party at a friend’s house in a not nearby village. Our teens' purpose for the party wasn't overtly evangelical. However, it was an attempt to merge their universes. The world says you can only have a good time with alcohol or drugs etc. Ezra shared it was an attempt to show his friends a great time in a way that honors God.

The weekend was successful, and everyone had a great time. More importantly, our kids’ non-churched friends expressed a desire to come to our church’s camp next summer. After all, they already know who will be there, and now they’ve been to the village where the camp will be held.
Pray for these kids as they move down the gospel road.
Pray for our kids as they reach out to their friends with the gospel in tangible ways.

And so I sign all our letters with everyone's name because we are all on mission together.

Serving the One, as one,
Dan and Rebecca, Isabel, Ezra, Rose, Eliza, Mazzy Hosanna, Zoya, and Linzi
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