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Here but not yet home.

Here but not yet home.

Isabel arrived in Slovakia yesterday and entered a minimum of 5 days quarantine. She is staying in a one room apartment 3 blocks from our house. Rebecca will deliver food to her door and knock. She is here but not yet home! 

This makes me think about our spiritual lives and the lives of our Roma friends.
How often do we reflect on our true home in heaven united with our heavenly Father? A full member of His family perfectly welcomed and loved.

I think about this often as an American living in Slovakia.I live in a place where I’m accepted but not fully embraced as a national.

Now imagine the life our Roma friends live. They are from this place, but they are actively despised.

As we talk about the gospel with them, they acknowledge with great joy their future home in heaven.They can reflect on their current struggle and know they are perfectly accepted by their heavenly Father.

Pray with us for the gospel to be rooted in the Roma community.
Pray for the message of the gospel to penetrate hearts and for God’s love to change lives!

Grace and Peace,
Dan and Rebecca, Isabel, Ezra, Rose, Eliza, Mazzy, Hosanna, Zoya, and Linzi
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