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Reflection: spoken word

I wrote these words recently when I was working on a take-home midterm. I was suddenly inspired to write these words, and in light of Easter, I want to share these words with you.

Click on the link here if you want to hear me read this spoken word (the words are below).


After I wrote this spoken word poem, I found the following verse that is a good reminder for all of us of God's great love for us: 

“How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you.

You lavish it on those who come to you for protection,

blessing them before the watching world.”

Psalms 31:19 NLT

I hope this encourages you. I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


you know that feeling of rejection you feel? Yeah?

Well, how do you think God felt when everyone,

yes everyone,

absolutely everyone on the whole world


rejected him,

turned their backs on him,

betrayed him,

and denied him??


But yet,

did God give up?

did he leave us,

forget about us,

let us destroy ourselves?

(many think that’s what he did)


but NO!!

He loves us even more,

he longs for us to turn, and run to him! He won’t leave us or forget about us. He is waiting. His arms are open. Come to Him and be welcomed in His warm and loving embrace.


Maybe the way you are feeling right now,

rejected by your friends and the world,

is just where you need to be to


realize the GREAT love God has for you,

how much He loves you that he constructed a plan that would catch your attention to show His love for you..

he gave up his one and only son,

someone so good and perfect,

God Himself,

to rescue you.

But rescuing you (and me) meant death, not for us, but for this son, the Beloved one

(It was the only way)

How could we? How could we ignore and hate God so much? How could He? How could HE love us so deeply, so much? That he let His son die in our place?

His love for you is so big and so deep and so great! do you understand the greatness of it? He still, STILL love us, even after the whole world, everyone who ever lived, has rejected Him.

bUt yet, what did he do?

He did NOT forsake us, no,

he is still waiting for us, giving us another chance

now is our turn, our choice.. what will we choose?

will we turn back to the one we turned away from?

the one we rejected?

will we accept his gift?

the life he offers us?


are we worthy of this/His gift? will we accept it? will we turn and run into the open arms of the loving Father that are waiting for us? What will we do?

Dear God, dear God! Who am I?! What am I? (sinner that I am) that you would do all, all this for me?!


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