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Hospitality under lockdown.

Like many of you, this is what our community looks like these days. 

Here is our church meeting online. 

We’re thankful that we at least have online options for staying in touch with our church family, but we’ve come up with some other ways for us to stay connected with church family and others in our community.

We can’t gather with our community right now so we delivered a little hospitality

Sunday, Dan made his specialty cinnamon rolls. These things are incredibly delicious but the only way to save ourselves from eating too many is to give them away! Thankfully this recipe from Pioneer Woman makes a lot. (

We made various pans of cinnamon rolls then we all loaded up in the van for a fun trip making surprise drop offs. But first we enjoyed our own sweet bites, of course! 

Earlier in the week, prior to Halloween, Rebecca bought this fun ghoulie plant. 

A nearby neighbor of ours is a mom with a young boy, enduring long, lonely days. Through chats with her, Rebecca knew that she was feeling quite challenged. Our girls made a sign, “Boo! We miss you!” and baked some brownies. Rebecca also pulled out some of our smaller costumes for the boy to get to try one for fun. They made their surprise delivery. Our neighbor honestly didn’t know what to say, but we feel sure she felt loved. 

Have you thought of ways to maintain community despite lockdown or imposed isolation? 
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