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Going with the Gregoires, Keep Praying!

Two days are in the books.
Last week we asked you to pray for the following. Here are some updates.
  • Pray for our preparations and strength and energy to push through this week.
  • Camp is running smoothly and God has favored us with his sustaining strength! Today our afternoon activity (a homemade Covid 19 themed escape room) ran a bit long. Rebecca mingled with the waiting parents. They were all content to wait and shared how pleased they are that their kids are having fun and saying such good things about the camp at home.
  • Pray for our home.We will have helpers for camp staying with us. Which means more than our usual craziness and food prep!
  • Everyone is pitching in with extra chores and everyone is well fed. Rebecca deserves much praise.
  • Pray for students who will share their testimonies each day of throughout camp.
  • Students have shared their testimonies during the bible lesson each day.
  • Pray for boldness and for the gospel will have a big impact on the campers.
  • God is in control of every heart at camp. Continue to pray for conversion.
  • Pray for our church to take gospel opportunities to be engaged with the parents of campers.
  • Pray for the final day when we'll have our camp program for the parents. This is when our church members will have opportunity to mingle and engage in conversations with parents. Often the question pops up, "why do you do this?" We'd love to be able to share why.
  • And Pray for safety and energy for all of us running the camp!
  • so far so safe. Continue to pray for everyones safety and health through the camp.
Grace and Peace,
Dan and Rebecca, Isabel, Ezra, Rose, Eliza, Mazzy, Hosanna, Zoya, and Linzi

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